Frequently Asked Questions

How many featured products, posts and reviews can I have on the homepage?
Unlimited. You can specify how many posts and reviews appear on the homepage via a setting in the theme options panel.

You can feature as many products as you want my checking the ‘Feature this product’ checkbox in the review post area.

How do I add product thumbnails to the homepage and category pages?
Product thumbnails on the homepage and category pages are automatically pulled from the post’s or review’s featured image. Simply upload a featured image to the post or review to have its thumbnail be displayed.

Can I add text to the category pages?
Yes, you can. To do this, edit the category in your dashboard and enter the text in the Category Description field. The text will appear under the title of the category on the post category and product category pages.

Can I add widgets?
Yes, the sidebar is widgetized and the footer is widgetized with 3 widget areas. You may disable footer widgets in the theme options panel if you don’t want them.

Can I move the sidebar to the left or remove the sidebar completely?
Yes, you can configure the page layout for the site via the theme options panel. There is a left-sidebar layout, right-sidebar layout, and full width layout.

Post and review pages can have a seperate layout from the rest of the site.

How do I edit the links in the navigation bar under the header?
To do this, go under Appearance > Menus and specify a custom menu. You can add any kind of links – you are not limited to just Pages.

Are there any Bonus Themes?
If you buy the developer license we will give you the Review Themes from Review-themes.com as a bonus at no extra cost.

For further enquiries and support, please contact us.

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